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Job Description


 Job Analysis


 Recruiting and Deploying Personnel 


 Personnel Selection Systems


 Human Resource Planning


 Job Evaluation - Remuneration Systems


Personnel Training - Intra-Business Training


Our services in detail

Job Description

With regular presence and the use of dedicated questionnaires / tools at the workplace, PROS – THESIS become familiar with the scope of work and peculiarities of each individual business. We also ascertain a detailed definition of the tasks each employee must perform in a given position. This avoids overlapping between different positions as well as confusing the organizational work.


In particular, the services we offer are defined as follows:

  • Detailed report of the job description.

  • Understanding and division of administrative work.

  • Avoiding overlaps.

Job Analysis

In direct cooperation with each client, the structure of the project within their business is analyzed in detail. A specific methodology precisely defines the jobs, while detailing the importance and mission of each job in the overall organisational structure of the business.

In particular, the services we offer are defined as follows:

  • Job design.

  • Determination of each employee’s job duties.

  • Diversification and structure of staff roles.

Personnel Selection Systems

Pros-Thesis has created an effective database that records the supply and demand of human resources in detail. With this method, our company is able to understand the needs and specifics of each job position for each of its clients. At the same time, while maintaining complete information of the skills and qualifications of the workforce, it can immediately make an effective selection of the right person for the job, utilizing psychometric tests and other tools.


More specifically, the Services relate to:

  • Finding the right human resources.

  • Evaluation using psychometric tools.

  • Installation in the appropriate position.

  • Utilizing subsidized programs.


Job Evaluation - Remuneration Systems

With the client's consent, we are able to build an evaluation system for each job role individually. Thus, the person in charge of each position at any level of the hierarchy will be evaluated through objective criteria. Thus, not only the employee but also the employer will have a clear view of the performance and work expected within the position.



More specifically, the Services relate to:

  • Creating the appropriate infrastructure for the evaluation system.

  • Definition of bonus systems.

  • Creating a regular Performance Appraisal system

Human Resource Planning

Our company, in collaboration with the client, compiles an integrated development plan of the organisation, identifying the existing situation while at the same time recognizing the future needs of the workforce. With this methodology it is possible to have an immediate view of human resources requirements, so the recruitment process can be provided at minimal cost as efficicently as possible.



In particular the services we offer are defined as follows:

  • Current Situation Analysis.

  • Definition of Hierarchical Structure - Organization Chart.

  • Forecasting Future Needs.

  • Departures - Recruits.

Personnel Training Intra - Business Training

The Pros-Thesis philosophy of providing complete HR solutions, offers organizations the opportunity to develop educational programs that adapt and educate the human factor to match the changing needs of present and future business environments.

More specifically, Services relate to:

  • Research to Determine Educational Needs.

  • Existing and Future Training Requirements.

  • Educational Program Objectives / Assessment

  • Design of Educational/Training Programs.

  • Operation AOJT.

  • Use of IntraBusiness Plans.

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